About me

torstenkneussThis is a short summary of information about me and the current focus of my work.
My professional career began with an apprenticeship as a pharmaceutical production technician. After several years of professional work, I was interested in a new experience, and I decided to study Business Administration and Engineering on a part-time basis in Berlin. Now, I have been working for more than 19 years in the pharmaceutical industry. The focus of my work lies in the areas of pharmaceutical packaging (e.g., quality control, development) and medical devices (including medical software) as well as information technology, including computer validation and software development. These topics form the basis for my publications and the lectures that I give regularly.

A very important part of my daily work is project management, especially in an international environment. In recent years, my profession has offered me the opportunity to work on different projects. My main projects were the development of a small and customized laboratory information management system (LIMS); the development of two different high-volume syringes made of plastic, including filling validation and post-launch optimization; the introduction of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as part of pharmaceutical packaging for non-logistical applications; the launch of an electronic auto-injector for patients with multiple sclerosis, and the launch of two Medical Software products for Mac OS X, Windows, iOS and Android which are being used in conjunction with the electronic auto-injector.

Beyond these topics, I am very interested in specific areas of information technology. This includes IT security, data privacy, software development, IT quality control, and software testing and validation. In addition to information technology, I am of course interested in the science of economics, my chosen field of study. In the past I had the opportunity to transfer my knowledge during consulting services. This includes i.e. the performance of IT security audits and the provision of support during the common criteria certification.