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From the press: “Veranstaltungs­berichte: Heidelberger E-Health-Tag 2015 2. Oktober 2015”

Also E-HEALTH-COM published an event report about the Heidelberger E-Health-Tag 2015.

From the press: “Heidelberger E-Health-Tag: Wann ist eine App ein Medizinprodukt?”

Healthcare Marketing provides a summary of the “Heidelberger E-Health-Tag”. This event was a great opportunity to me to provide an overview about the importance of Medical Software for pharmaceutical companies.

R.I.P. for RFID? – a review of the use of RFID in Healthcare

Kassandra Kania, Contributing Editor of the Healthcare Packaging Magazine, reviews the use of RFID in Healthcare in the current issue of the magazine. Starting point for the article is that the global market for RFID technologies is more than $6 billion a year while healthcare comprises only a small percentage of that number.

FDA Approves Sale of Pills With RFID Microchip

Now, while I am still talking about RFID on primary packaging for pharmaceuticals, a RFID transponder on a pill has been approved by the FDA. The concept – the so-called “digital health feedback system” – has been developed by Proteus Digital Health and can be transferred also to other applications.

Pharma-Kongress 2012 – a review

Last week I participated in the “Pharma-Kongress 2012” in Neuss. The Pharma-Kongress 2012 is a congress which is a collection of eight different conferences related to most recent topics of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to the conferences there was a trade fair with more than 80 exhibitors. This congress is convened annually by Concept Heidelberg…
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