A Medical Device and Combination Products Enthusiast

I am an engineer, and I am working in Berlin. Primary areas of my work and interests are medical devices (including medical software), (drug/device) combination products, pharmaceutical packaging, and information technology.

Medical Devices and Combination Products

I have a strong background in Medical Devices and Drug-Device Combination Products. My experience includes areas like Design Controls, Risk Management, Post-Market Surveillance, Vigilance, and Regulatory topics.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

More than 20 years ago I started my career in the area of Pharmaceutical Packaging materials. Since then I have been working on different roles related to Pharmaceutical Packaging like Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Packaging Development.

Information Technology

My skills in Information Technologies were always an essential factor in my career. Databases, Software Development, Information Security, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Medical Software/eHealth solutions were areas of my work.

Latest News

Symbolic photo: Lecture / A speaker in front of an audience

From the press: “Veranstaltungs­berichte: Heidelberger E-Health-Tag 2015 2. Oktober 2015”

Also E-HEALTH-COM published an event report about the Heidelberger E-Health-Tag 2015.image sources lectures: microgen / envato elements

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From the press: “Heidelberger E-Health-Tag: Wann ist eine App ein Medizinprodukt?”

Healthcare Marketing provides a summary of the “Heidelberger E-Health-Tag”. This event was a great opportunity to me to provide an overview about the importance of Medical Software for pharmaceutical companies.image[…]

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R.I.P. for RFID? – a review of the use of RFID in Healthcare

Kassandra Kania, Contributing Editor of the Healthcare Packaging Magazine, reviews the use of RFID in Healthcare in the current issue of the magazine. Starting point for the article is that[…]

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